WIT's Notification of Implementation Matters of The China and New Zealand Arrangement on
Mutual Recognition of Organic Products Certification
On 8th February, 2022, The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) issued the proclamation of implementation matters of China and New Zealand arrangement on mutual recognition of organic products certification (hereinafter referred to as MRA) and put forward relevant matters.

As a professional certification body, WIT is the earliest one that carries out overseas organic product certification services. WIT has provided certification services for more than half of the New Zealand operators and exporters that produce organic products and sell their products in the Chinese mainland market so far, assisting certified operators and exporters’ products successfully introduced into the Chinese market. WIT will provide service programs to WIT’s China domestic and New Zealand organizations who have obtained or are going to apply for the organic certificate, continuously provide services for the convenience of trade for the organizations of the two countries based on the MRA.

For more specific service programs, please contact the WIT staff of the overseas department.

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