No Antibiotic Residue!
NATREGRO(Mingkanghui) Obtains The First 'Antibiotic-free Eggs' Certificate Issued By WIT
Recently, the certificate awarding ceremony of antibiotic-free certification of NATREGRO(Mingkanghui) Eco-Agriculture Group was held in Hailiang Building. Lu Zhenhui, deputy general manager of WIT Certification, attended the ceremony and awarded the certificate of antibacterial-free certification to NATREGRO(Mingkanghui), and Shi Song, president of NATREGRO(Mingkanghui), attended the ceremony.

The antibiotic-free certificate obtained by NATREGRO(Mingkanghui) Group is the first "antibiotic-free product certificate" issued by WIT for antibiotic-free eggs. At present, 50,000 eggs from Mingguang's farming base in Anhui Province have been certified as antibiotic-free products and 12 million antibiotic-free eggs will be produced for the market. In addition, the antibiotic-free certification of NATREGRO(Mingkanghui) Group's Hubei Jianshi base has also passed the on-site audit.

At the ceremony, Mr. Shi Song said, "Getting the antibiotic-free certification for eggs is a milestone event for NATREGRO(Mingkanghui)." Throughout the whole poultry egg industry, the certification for egg quality is vague, and the fact that NATREGRO(Mingkanghui) brand’s eggs have been certified as antibiotic-free products is a strong endorsement of product quality and another major breakthrough in NATREGRO(Mingkanghui)'s safety work.

Antibiotics are a great invention in human history and have played a great role in the treatment of human and animal diseases. However, over the years in large-scale animal production, the use of antibiotics as growth promoters, disease prevention health care products and other uses, in improving animal performance, improve feed remuneration at the same time, long-term abuse of antibiotics also brought a series of drug residues, pathogenic bacteria resistance and other food safety and public health problems.

In order to let consumers buy with confidence and eat with peace of mind, NATREGRO(Mingkanghui), together with WIT Certification, conducted the whole process of tracking and inspection of its competitive product, the local eggs, and after half a year, finally obtained the "Antibiotic-free certification for egg products" and "Antibiotic-free certification for egg products" issued by WIT, becoming the first poultry egg product certified by WIT.

About WIT Antibiotic-free Product certification
WIT Certification is a comprehensive certification body approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China,CNCA, specializing in management system certification, product certification and service certification. From 2017, WIT follows the spirit of "encouraging innovation and providing certified products to the market demand" of the CNCA, and works closely with breeding enterprises, research institutes and other units to develop an antibiotic-free product certification system, including technical specifications for pig and egg production and other standards and certification rules. 

Since 2017, WIT has been working closely with farming enterprises, research institutes and other institutions to develop a certification system for antibiotic-free products, including standards and certification rules, such as "technical specifications for production of antibiotic-free products" for pigs and egg-laying hens, and has completed filing with the CNCA, becoming the first certification body in China to obtain the qualification of antibiotic-free product certification.

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