New version of National Organic Standard
issued on Janruary 2020
New version of China national organic product standard GB/T 19630-2019 organic products—— production, processing, labeling and management system has been released by the State Administration for Market Regulation and Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China on 30 August 2019 and will be officially implemented on 1 January 2020. In addition, the Certification Supervision Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation is organizing the revision of the Implementation Rules for Organic Product Certification and has published the Draft Implementation Rules for Organic Product Certification on the website of the CNCA to widely solicit opinions from all sectors of the society.
Upcoming Events
WIT Certification will hold the "New Version of National Standard for Organic Products and Training Course for Internal auditors of Organic Product Certification" on 14-15 November 2019 in Hangzhou.
I. Training targets
II. Training content
1. One main responsible person and one to three internal auditors, including internal auditors who have already obtained the WIT Certified Organic Products Internal auditor Certificate. According to the "Organic Product Certification Implementation Rules" and certification based on "organic products" national standards, each certified enterprise should be equipped with internal auditors with organic product knowledge and management capabilities.

2. Enterprises has intention to apply for organic product certification: one main responsible person, an internal auditor.

3. Personnel who engaged in the production of organic products, certification of technical personnel and consultants, etc.
1. The new version of the national standard for organic products and the changes;

2. “Organic product certification implementation rules for comment” and its changes;

3. Organic product certification procedures and preparation.

4. Application for organic anti-counterfeiting traceability labels and organic product transaction certificates.

5. How to establish a good quality management system.

6. The work responsibilities of internal auditors and supervision case analysis.

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