Bellamy's Organic Infant Formula Milk Powder Certified By WIT Was Officially Launched in China Market
On August 25, 2020, the on-site launch of Bellamy's first Chinese version of organic infant formula: Bellamy’s Jingyue, the first organic product certified by WIT - Bellamy’s, a subsidiary of Mengniu Dairy, officially kicked off in Shanghai.

In order to realize the whole chain of organic infant formula, it is necessary to achieve a strict control from pasture cultivation, cow breeding, powder spraying processing, powder mixing and canning, to storage and transportation, and labeling and sales. As the Chinese certification body providing organic certification services to Bellamy’s Jingyue, WIT has developed a set of systematic and rigorous certification plan for them, and provided high-quality and professional technical services.

Bellamy’s Jingyue organic new product launch site

During the recording of the "Bellamy’s Organic Research Institute consumer education video", the deputy general manager of WIT Certification said that each new can of Bellamy’s Jingyue organic products on the market is coated with the logos of China Organic Certification and WIT Certification, and is printed with a 17-digit organic code recorded by the CNCA to achieve the function of "anti-counterfeiting, traceable and quantity controllable". Through the organic code, consumers can check the authenticity or traceability information on the CNCA food and agricultural products certification information system, effectively protecting and guaranteeing consumers' "organic consumer" rights and interests
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